Baby it’s cold outside… (and inside)

Baby it’s cold outside (and inside)

While there are several processes that go into making our beer, the one that’s probably the most important is the process of ensuring it remains fresh right until you take your first sip. Our beer is made, stored, transported and served at the optimum temperature so that you get the best craft beer experience, every single time.









In the factory, our malts and hops are stored at precise temperatures to prevent degradation. Once the beer is produced, it receives almost zero exposure to oxygen, all the way from the brewery to the restaurant. Exposure to oxygen can really mess up a beer’s chemistry, and cause the flavour to deteriorate. If you’ve ever had beer that tasted a bit like sherry, almond or even wet paper(!), then it was exposed to oxygen at some point.

The kegs of Geist beer that we send to our restaurant partners are transported in refrigerated trucks to ensure the beer is always cold. We also work with each partner to design the right cold storage solution for them, so beers don’t go through thermal shock from changing temperatures. And finally, the beer you order goes through a specialised cooler so it is dispensed and served totally chilled out.

We’ve also worked with our restaurant partners to provide them with beer taps which have cold water running through them at all times. This keeps the taps chill, even if there is a gap between pouring of beers. Cold taps mean that the beer does not foam as it hits the glass.