Geist Weiss Guy

Weiss Guy – German Style Hefeweizen

Your summer afternoon companion

The one you can rely on. Let the crisp and refreshing taste of clove and banana bring clarity and absorb the cloudiness of any troubling thoughts. The color ranges between gold to medium gold. Medium cloudy appearance with a good mouthfeel and a mild tart backbone.

Main image of the beer

Alcohol by volume (A.B.V.)


Cozy, on the strong side of our beers, but perfect for that lazy weekend session

International Bittering Units (I.B.U.)


That’s pretty light overall, gives it a touch of character, and goes with a lot of spicy food.

Geister’s favourite

What does Gaurav Vaz love about craft beer? The element of surprise. And that doesn’t surprise us: Gaurav is an artist manager, bass guitarist, web consultant, event manager and *phew* angel investor which makes each day of his life uniquely different from the next!

It’s all in the wrist

The perfect hefeweizen pour results in a bold inch and change of head. You want to start the glass at an angle but quickly straighten to collect all the foamy flavour.