The Company

Brewing the idea

What can happen when a bunch of ex St. Joseph’s Boys’ High School classmates reconnect at their annual old boys’ reunion?

In 2004, Paul and Narayan both found themselves back in India after long stints abroad as software engineers. Their chance interaction at their high school reunion led to discovering a common interest in producing craft beer. After introducing high-quality ‘designed for Indians’ craft beer in 2008, Narayan and Paul were joined by a third classmate – Mohan – in 2013. The trio then set out to change the course of India’s large scale production of world-class, handcrafted beers.

Meet the beers

Brand Geist

great tasting Indian beer with a conscience

The name ‘Geist’ comes from the German word ‘zeitgeist’, which is used to define “the general intellectual, moral, and cultural climate of an era”. The sentiment perfectly captures the evolution of Indian beer drinkers, and the resulting rise of the discerning Indian beer enthusiast.

“We solemnly swear to steer clear of making craft beer devoid of passion and a soul, to share the joy of experiencing great beers and never compromise on raw materials, brewing talent, methods and equipment required to consistently brew quality, world-class beers”