The force is strong with this one

The force is strong with this one

One of the most important aspects of our beer brewing is our obsession for achieving a clean, consistent taste with every batch.

To put it mildly, we have a strong distaste for filtered beer or pasteurized beer. Yeast in the beer gives a better taste and mouthfeel. Removing the yeast means removing the personality of the beer – and where’s the fun in that? Yeast is also really good for you – it contains Vitamin B6, B12 and Chromium amongst other things. But steering clear of filtration isn’t an option: we never want to serve our customers beer that has excess yeast which often comes out of the taps when the yeast settles in the kegs. It tastes horrible, and compromises the entire Geist experience.

Yeast in the beer gives it a better taste & mouthfeel. No yeast, no personality.

While many breweries across the world use diatomaceous earth (DE) filter, these are very difficult to operate, clean and maintain as they use a lot of water. More importantly, spent diatomaceous earth must be disposed in landfills – this isn’t a very good sustainable waste management solution.

So what did we do?

We became the first craft brewery in India to invest in a brew house centrifuge. While we brew-ded over this decision and stared long and hard at our bank balance, we decided that it was an important step we had to take to produce better tasting beer for our customers and cause minimal damage to the environment. Centrifuges use pressure and inert gases to do a fantastic job of removing yeast from the beer with no mess and minimal water usage. We use all of 100 liters of water for a 6000L batch of beer. We also don’t have to worry about messy DE disposal – in fact, we get clean and denatured yeast which we can send to our friend Srini Kollur, the poultry farmer.