We take pride in our craft! And here’s what that means…

The Geist factory

where we stir up our passion for making great tasting beer

A once abandoned plywood factory set amid the fields of Nimbekaipura – (literal translation: the village of lemons) has now been transformed into a brewer’s paradise. We put our heads together to think through every detail. The impact of each bend, twist, turn, and diameter of our brewery machinery and design affects the taste, aroma and character of every batch of golden goodness that we produce.

Check out some of the cool stuff we do at our beer factory – and outside it!

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Bangalore, you can now take the microbrewery home in a can! Fresh craft draught beer now available in 500 ML Geist Crowlers filled with love by our team at the Geist production brewery.

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Crafting goodness all around

Local farmers use leftover material from our factory, like spent grain and denatured yeast, to supplement poultry and livestock diet. This improves the quality of their produce, as milk yield increases and egg shells become stronger

What’s our waste size? ZERO!

We are a Zero Liquid Discharge (ZLD) brewery. 100% of the rainwater collected across the 10,000-sq. factory area is harvested in our raw water tank. This is then processed using an RO system to ensure that the exact same water is available for each batch of beer. The RO reject water from the plant is converted into agricultural grade water, and is used to irrigate plants and trees on our premises. We also supply this water to farmers in the neighboring property, where they use it to grow vegetables.

Featured Geister

“For me, context and story of something is very important. When I follow the page of a brand, I want to see things about the brand and the people that work there. I know brand plugs are important, but the story holds more importance for me.”

Tapping into local talent
Our beer tap handles and sampler trays are handmade from recycled aged wood by Fayaz, a talented local carpenter from Bengaluru
The Company
We’re a beer making company and we make some pretty awesome beer.