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BBQ Sunday

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June 11, 2023


Join us for BBQ Sunday! We’ve been working behind the scenes on fine-tuning this concept for quite some time now, and we’re excited to be hosting the perfect afternoon filled with wood-smoked, slow-cooked BBQ meat, seafood & veggies at the OG Geist Brewing Co. OMR. The lush and open space creates a relaxed and laid-back ambiance, ensuring you'll have the most enjoyable afternoon imaginable with your loved ones. And we mean it when we say everyone’s invited - little hoomans are welcome, and we hope you bring your furry companions too, please and thank you 🐕 Our Geist Brewing Co. community members get a 10% discount on their BBQ Sunday bill on June 11th, so if you’d like to join our community and register for the discount then hit the 'Sign Up' button!

A La Carte Menu

Geist Brewing Co. OMR

"It's no secret that India loves strong beer as much as it loves a masala movie. In a way, they both cater to the lowest common denominator. But it took a few talented flmmakers to elevate the discourse around masala movies and serve something that caters to all takers. James Blond, in my mind, does this to strong beer. Thanks to the team at Geist for elevating the conversation about strong beers and delivering something that everyone can enjoy - craft beer snobs or otherwise 😄"
"The Kamacitra has juicy tropical aromas, along with a nice bit of malt to balance everything out. The silky mouthfeel brings everything together quite nicely. It's a consistent dependable IPA, that can even be an all day sipper. The new can art is totally lit. For all these reasons, I consider it the top packaged IPA available in India."
Indian Craft Beer Advocate
“I discovered Geist in 2020 and within no time it became my favourite brewery in town! Their craft beers are one of the finest in town. Their OMR brewery is a great, lively place tucked away from the hustle and bustle of the city and we often hangout there with family and friends. Amongst all of their freshly crafted beers, my most favorite is the South German style wheat beer - Geist Weiss Guy with low bitterness yet extremely flavorful with a touch of banana and some clove to add a pleasant spiciness!”
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