Geist Weiss Guy

A Bavarian-style Weissbier, the Geist Weiss Guy is intense yellow and displays the classic cloudiness expected of the style. With low bitterness and lively carbonation, the wheat provides a chewy backbone to this beer, accentuated by the distinctive flavours provided by the yeast. The aroma and flavours are dominated by bready notes, a touch of banana and some clove to add a pleasant spiciness.

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The founding team paid special attention to the names of the first three beers that we launched with on tap in August 2017. Not only did we want to encourage a bit of a chuckle with the puns, but we also wanted to include some reference to the style so that the beers (and brand) would make a knowledgeable first impression on our customers. The name Geist Weiss Guy creates an instant connection with the Weissbier from Bavaria (among the most popular and distinctive wheat beer styles in the world).

"I had a childhood friend visiting from Mumbai and as a beer lover in general, I bought 2 of every Geist variant for her to try. At the end of the evening, when we had downed most of our Geist stash, we realised that we had just the Weiss Guy left. And so my friend decides that she will take it for her brother back home, just because "he always acts like a wise guy". Perfect for him she said! The Weiss Guy is my go-to afternoon beer on any day - light, refreshing and you can actually go back to work feeling happy, not drowsy!"
Ruth Dsouza Prabhu
Independent Journalist & Food Writer
“I discovered Geist in 2020 and within no time it became my favourite brewery in town! Their craft beers are one of the finest in town. Their OMR brewery is a great, lively place tucked away from the hustle and bustle of the city and we often hangout there with family and friends. Amongst all of their freshly crafted beers, my most favorite is the South German style wheat beer - Geist Weiss Guy with low bitterness yet extremely flavorful with a touch of banana and some clove to add a pleasant spiciness!”
Joshith Padmanabhan
Director - Procurement, Target
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